Our company dates back to 1956, when as Huntingdon Cooperative "Wiklina" we have been producing wicker products.

In 1966 the company changed its name to the Wood Cooperative "Łodygowianka" and expanded its activity to the production of household products, pallets and wooden boxes.

In 1982 the Cooperative "Łodygowianka" expanded production to toys for children, mainly rocking horses and blocks. New products are created entirely through outwork.

In 1984 we start cooperation with Swedish IKEA, which continues to this day without interruption.

In 1990-91 company creates its own manufacturing facility, which begins production of simple boxes and cassettes for IKEA. Consistently over the years, the investments allowed us to launch progressively more and more processed products such as shelves, racks, flower boxes, shelves, bins for bread, beds and small furniture.

In 2000 the Cooperative was transformed into a limited liability company, retaining its name – "Łodygowianka".